VRJam 2015 – still going for Milestone#2

Still working hard on Aetheria, check it out on the challenge post site, and if you are so inclined to join the community at Challenge Post you’ll be able to follow us there, and eventually cast a vote for community choice, which I would be happy to have if you think we deserve it. It’s amazing to see some of the ideas people have come up with for VR.

Aetheria is on the experience track for this episode, and so it has no game elements at this time. That makes mechanics very simple and mostly just navigation which I have at maybe 75% complete. Next focus is art since my graphics are at around 15% complete. Our music and sound guy is working hard on refining our custom music and we should be doing voice recording this week.

Constructive input is welcome, feel free to leave a comment, we’d love to hear what you think of it so far. Help us stay competitive and let us know what are your favorite features.


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