So we are still doing stuff…

Just want to put something out there to let you all know that we are still working on Aetheria. We have also been doing other projects and have day jobs, such is the life of indie developers. I should share a project with you that we worked on with recently called Haunted Pixels

Experience a haunted trail in virtual and augmented reality! Join us for our first ever Halloween Virtual Reality Experience, Haunted Pixels, created by members of RunJumpDev and hosted by Kre8now.

Players will be wheeled away to a nightmarish landscape unparalleled in the real world, and shown horror and terror that can only be experienced in our virtual environment. Along with the VR experience we will have Halloween themed video games as well as food and drinks for a small donation. All proceeds are going toward the continuing efforts of RunJumpDev to support our local game developers.

So basically we used a wheelchair to provide motion so the virtual environment felt more real, and also to reduce motion sickness. Here are some screen shots…

It was a short project, so we treated it like a month long jam. The team consisted of 10 people in total, and was a great exercise in working together, as well as working with VR as many people in the team had not worked with it much prior to this project. We intend to do it again next year, and start a lot earlier. I can’t wait to see what we can pull of at that point.

I’ll put a link on here when we find a way to share it.


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